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I often incorporate technology into lessons. I find it can aid explanation on technique and also make lessons more interesting. Below are a couple of products I use.

  1. The Sony Tennis Sensor fits into the grip of  compatible tennis rackets. The sensor tracks real time data including; shot type, ball speed, swing speed, spin, impact spot and more. The data can then be transferred to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The Smart Tennis Sensor app is required and is available on both android and iOS. This technology is a great way to see and show players where they can improve and to track progress. The Sony Tennis Sensor can be found at –


2. A smartphone is necessary to use the Sony Tennis Sensor however I also use it to video players shots. It can sometimes be difficult to explain exactly where players are going wrong with technique, especially when it is an ingrained habit. The video function on a smartphone can easily be used to record players and instantly play it back. The stopwatch function is also useful when running agility and speed tests. I suggest either a Samsung or iPhone as most people have used one before and will be able to record for you when you are feeding balls to the player. The iPhone can be found at –


3. A Bluetooth speaker has a couple of uses on the tennis court. I use a Bluetooth speaker in conjunction with an interval timer on my phone for fitness and circuit training. When the alarm sounds the payers move onto the next set or exercise. I also use the speaker to play music for cardio sessions and junior tennis holiday programs. High energy music can add a boost to these session. I suggest the UE boom as they are shock and waterproof, have a 15 hour battery life, 20-30m wireless range, as well as a great sound. The UE boom can be found at –



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