Approach Shot Drill

Have players line up behind the baseline with the first player on the centre mark. Feed the player a mix of deep forehands and backhands that bounced just in front of the baseline.


King of the Court Game

One side of the court is deemed the ‘king’ and the other the ‘challenger’. Players line up with one on the king side and the remaining on the challenger side. The challenger feeds the ball over the net

Alley Rally Drill

On opposing sides of the net player’s rally keeping the ball in between the tramlines or doubles lines. The ball must bounce in between the lines, no volley’s. This is a relatively difficult drill

Three Ball Circle Drill

The players line up to one side of the court facing the coach who is on the other side of the net. The first player in the line side-steps and hits the ball and the first feed spot (indicated in the image by the blue circles) and

Figure 8 Drill

Two players stand at opposing baselines. Player one returns balls down the line while player two returns them cross court. Players move side to side across the court in this pattern playing alternating forehand and

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