King of the Court Game

Players: 3-6

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Aim: Exercise match type gameplay

Description: One side of the court is deemed the ‘king’ and the other the ‘challenger’. Players line up with one on the king side and the remaining on the challenger side. The challenger feeds the ball over the net before playing out the point. If the king wins they remain at the king side while the challenger retires to the back of the challenger line. If the challenger wins they feed another ball over to the king and play out the point. If the challengers win again they progress to the king side of the court and the losing king retires to the back of the challenger line. A variation of this game is for the challenger to begin the point with a serve. The video by Amanda Street (2015) shows this game in action.

Tip: Alter the game based on the number of players participating. If there are one 3 change the number of points the challenger requires to 3 or 4. If 6 or more players change it to a single point. This enables the game to flow and each player to have more match time.

Coaching Points:

  • A unique element to this game is that king receives a feed for the challenger. Ensure the king uses this to work on a strategic return game moving the challenger around the court or hitting to the opponent’s weaker shot.



Amanda Street. (2015, July 30). Tennis Games for Kids – Drills – King of the Court. Retrieved from


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