Alley Rally Drill

Players: Pairs

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Aim: Accurately and consistently place forehands and backhands.

Description: On opposing sides of the net player’s rally keeping the ball in between the tramlines or doubles lines. The ball must bounce in between the lines, no volley’s. This is a relatively difficult drill and it is recommended player start at the service line first before progressing further back to the baseline. A further progression is to have player alternate between forehand and backhand shots. The image below displays an example of intermediate players in the yellow and advanced players in the blue.

Alley Rally

Tip: To ensure focus and interest in the drill players can switch partners. Pairs can count the number of consecutive shots before error and report the highest count in between changing partners.

Coaching Points:

  • As this is the highest part of the net it is recommended for topspin ground-strokes to be played. This ensures players shot clear the net while also sitting up/bouncing up for the pairs return shot.
  • Ensure players complete the full shot. Often with this drill players resort to poor technique in order to ensure consistency and the ball bounces in.
  • Ensure the emphasis is on consistency and accuracy.

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