Figure 8 Drill

Players: 2

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Aim: Consistently direct ground-strokes on the move.

Description: Two players stand at opposing baselines. Player one returns balls down the line while player two returns them cross court. Players move side to side across the court in this pattern playing alternating forehand and backhand shots. The drill can be completed in the service boxes if too difficult initially. The video clip by uscwomenstennis (2012) demonstrates the drill.

Tip: As this drill is relatively simple and repetitive it can be made more difficult by stating goals. For example, 30 shots with no errors. For further difficulty, markers can be used to highlight identify the edges of the of the back half of the court where players then need to hit consistently. The image below shows where to set the markers.

Figure 8 Drill

Coaching Points:

  • The focus of this drill is consistency however it is important do not substitute technique and pace on shots for consistency.
  • Insure players ground their feet when playing the shot. This movement ensures sufficient power is generated as well as aiding the sharp turn that follows shortly after.


uscwomenstennis. (2012, February 25). Figure Eight Drill [Video File]. Retrieved from


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