Stop Volley & Smash Drill

Players: 1-5

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Aim: To play a stop/drop volley and smash, focusing on placement.

Description: Players line up on the service line and singles line intersection facing the who is positioned on the opposite service line. Players approach the T intersection and receive a volley feed where they play a stop volley with the goal of landing it just over the net. Following this the players receive a lob feed which they smash aiming at the baseline. The player then returns to the line. The drill can be reverse to work both the forehand/backhand volley.

Tip: The video clip below by gotennis100 (2010) shows the drill being performed with a marked rectangle for the players to aim for the volley and cones to aim for the smash.

Coaching Points:

  • Insure the players hold the racket still before contact and drop the racket slightly on contact. This movement reduces the bounce over the net disguising the shot to the opponent.
  • Insure the players are side on for the smash and pronate the forearm before contact. This movement will decrease the chance the shot will go long like the first couple in the video.


gotennis100. (2010, November 21). tennis drill: volleystop + smash [Video File]. Retrieved from


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